Saint Dominic Savio partakes of the bread of Angels

Saint Dominic Savio partakes of the bread of Angels

Saint Dominic Savio partakes of the bread of Angels

Saint Dominic Savio loved all the Sacraments, knowing about them from an early age, and desired to participate in receiving all of them, his eyes and heart set on the priesthood. When he was barely seven, he knew his Catechism by heart and fully understood the teachings of the Church, with spiritual wisdom way beyond his age, especially the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. 

Saint Dominic Savio

But in those days, particularly in small country parishes, the age for receiving First Communion was eleven or twelve. Dominic Savio had everything against him, but God. He was small for his age, and the priest hesitated to receive him. The priest consulted other priests. Then considering how well prepared Dominic was and the ardent yearning he had to partake of the Eucharist, he allowed him to receive for the first time the “Bread of Angels” and his first “sweet kiss from Jesus.”

Dominic Savio ran home to tell his mother. He begged pardon from her for anything he may have done to upset her and promised to try to live a more holy life. His mother, deeply moved by this child of hers who had visited upon her nothing by loving concern and affection, tried to hold back the tears as she assured him all was forgiven and asked him to pray that he would always be close to his Lord Whom he would be receiving.

What makes a Saint?

Dominic, like other Saints before and after him, had a passion for the Bread of Life, the Eucharist, His Lord truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. The day of his First Holy Communion, he rose early. Barely able to wait for that glorious moment when he and the Lord would become one, he went to the church and knelt on the ground, outside waiting for the doors to open. The Mass, including his first Penance, lasted five hours. Dominic never forgot that day, and when he spoke of it, years later, his eyes misted as he said, “For me it was the best day - it was a great day.”

St. John Bosco advised those about to receive First Holy Communion to take St. Dominic Savio as their Patron Saint, following the resolutions he made that day and ensued all the days of his life:

(1) I will go to penance often and receive Communion as often as my confessor allows;

(2) I will keep Feast Days holy;

(3) My friends shall be Jesus and Mary;

(4) Death but not sin.

Cardinal Salotti, defender of St. Dominic Savio’s cause said: “These resolutions are evidently the most remarkable legacy left by Dominic to the youth of today.

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