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In times of Crisis, God sends us special grace. This grace may come from Eucharistic Miracles, Apparitions by Our Lady, and Saints and other Powerful Men and Women in the Church. It may come in the form of Angelic intercession. It will come from anywhere the Lord deems necessary. There is only one thing of which we can be assured; it will come. He will use whatever or whoever it takes, whenever it is needed, to protect us from anything or anyone, who would bring us anywhere near the brink of hell. Very often, even if it means protecting us from ourselves.
That's really what Scandal of the Cross is all about. And although we've said all this before, until we began the extensive research that was necessary to bring this work to you, we really had no idea how true that statement is. If not for the powerful intercession of Our Lord Jesus through Signal Graces, this Church we have today, would not exist. It would have been wiped out by Satan in the First or Second Century. There have been so many attacks on the Church, from without, from within, ongoing, overlapping, it's hard to believe that Satan could come up with so many variations on the same theme.
You name it; we as a people of God have gone through it. That is an important point - we've gone through it! We haven't gone over it or under it; we haven't tried to go to the right of it or the left of it. We haven't avoided it like the plague. We've gone through it! There have been extremely rough times, in which it looked like we as a church, as a people of God, would not pull through, and yet we're still here. The onslaughts have come from non-Christian believers, atheists, pagans, as well as Christians. We've been called everything from the Great Satan to the Anti-Christ. But as our Lord Jesus said to Peter, "You are Rock, and upon this rock, I will build My Church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it."(Mt. 16:18)
In our first six books, we shared, the power the Lord has given us through Miracles of the Eucharist, through Our Lady's intervention, through the brave brothers and sisters who came before us, the Saints, and through our Angels, whom the Lord has given us to protect and guide us. We've touched very lightly on why the Lord gave us Miracles of the Eucharist, why Our Lady came and continues to come to us in Apparitions, why He sent the Saints, and what was going on in our world and in our Church that made it necessary for Him to use His servants to intercede for us.
In Scandal of the Cross, we attempt to focus in on the what, the when, the why and the how. We want to share with you the ways, the evil one has tried to tear us asunder, through heresies and movements which have separated us, and how the Lord has fought these heresies in a two thousand year battle to keep His Church together. The Lord has worked powerfully to build His Church, these last two millenniums. The growth has been remarkable. But naturally, there has been a parallel track, the work the evil one has done to try to destroy the Church of God. Now we want to track that route, which the powers of hell have taken, in their never-ending attempt to destroy all that the Lord has given us.
It was a monumental work, requiring lots of help in research, the need for quiet time for us to listen to the Lord, get out of the way, and write what He wants, rather than what we think He may want. We couldn't afford any distractions, and yet that seems to be all that we have experienced. We have been very busy serving the Lord these last few months, even more than before we moved to Louisiana, and a wonderful army of earthly angels joined us, to help bring God's Holy Word to His Church. We have more help now, but we have triple the amount of work. Our television documentaries have been extremely well-accepted, praise God. We have traveled much more than usual to give talks, missions, and conferences. We are not complaining at all about how anointed our ministry has become. It just seems, every time we sat down to begin this book, we were interrupted to do some other good work.
One morning during Mass, at the time of the Consecration, as our priest raised the Host, the word that spoke to our hearts was: "Go home and do nothing but begin My book. Disconnect your phone; put ear plugs in your ears. Write how I am grieving until My family is once more together, united." I was transported with the eyes of my heart to the very spot in the Holy Land, atop the Mount of Olives, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. We were standing where Jesus had stood. We were looking over the walls of the Old City, only not at the Jerusalem of Jesus' day because it was no longer there. As He foresaw and predicted, His Jerusalem was destroyed thirty seven years after His Crucifixion. We've been told on Pilgrimage, that was why Jesus was crying. As we were meditating on what the Lord might want us to bring to you, the word we received was that He had been crying over the destruction of the New Jerusalem, His Church - He was crying over the shattering and fragmentation of His family, the Church.
There is an altar in that Chapel of Dominus Flevit (the Lord wept), on the Mount of Olives, which was built over the place where Jesus stood. In front of the altar there is a mosaic depicting a hen with her arms outstretched gathering her little chicks. "How often have I yearned to gather your children, as a mother bird gathers her young under her wings, but you refused Me."(Matt. 23:37)