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Catholic Saints Audiobooks

Listen to Catholic Saints Audiobooks


We are convinced there is a great necessity to impress upon the people of God that we are not hopeless; we are not helpless. We have been given an overwhelming amount of strength by Our Lord Jesus to sustain us on the journey, especially during the rough times, which we seem to be in all the time. We have a lot going for us. Jesus continues to keep His promise, "I will be with you always, until the end of the world."

We want to focus on the strength we have been given through our family, our Communion of Catholic Saints. We want to share with you their Journeys to Sainthood. We needed a great deal of help to bring them to you. We would like to acknowledge and thank those strong men and women who know how important this book is, and have dedicated vast amounts of time and effort, to bring you and us these strong intercessors, our brothers and sisters, the Catholic Saints.

Did you know Journeys of Faith has hundreds of Catholic Saints audiobooks that you can listen to from your computer or phone?

Think about this for a moment. We are living in extremely challenging and dangerous times! We find it getting harder and harder to find the truth about what is happening. Powerful forces are stacked against us. So what do we do?

We suggest we take a lesson from the Catholic Saints and listen to some of the Catholic Saints Audiobooks.

Why are we suggesting the Catholic Audiobooks on the Saints. Because so many of them found the road to peace was through studying the Lives of the Catholic Saints.

For example, Saint Francis of Assisi was bedridden and the only book he could find was a book on the Lives of the Saints and reading that book started him on his Journey to Sainthood.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola was also in a hospital from a wound in his leg and started to read about the Lives of the Saints and as a result he decided to become a Soldier for Christ and eventually founded the Jesuit order, the Society of Jesus.

There are many more Saints that attribute their conversion to studying the lives of the Catholic Saints.

 Journeys of Faith has available at very low cost, hundreds of Catholic Saints Audiobooks for you to choose, download and listen to on any device.


Catholic Saints Audiobooks


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