Most Popular Franciscan Saints and Blesseds

Most Popular Franciscan Saints and Blesseds

Bob and Penny Lord had a great love for the Franciscan Saints and Blesseds and when we were close to a Franciscan Church, you can bet we went into that Church.

Their love affair with the Franciscan Saints began with Saint Padre Pio, where they visited San Giovanni Rotondo almost every year and developed a long term relationship with Father Joseph Pio and the other Friars there.

They loved Assisi, and the Two Franciscan Saints, Saint Francis and Clare were also at the top of their list. Whenever a Pilgrimage was scheduled to Italy you can be sure that Assisi was on the Itinerary and usually the stay was more than one day.

Feel free to browse the information and media we have available below.

Furthermore, if there was a Shrine of one of the Franciscan Saints, yes you guessed it, we visited that Shrine and created a video and wrote a book chapter about them.

Penny's favorite Saint was Saint Anthony of Padua and If you were near here for very long you would learn something about Saint Anthony.

List of Most Popular Franciscan Saints and Blesseds. Simply click on any icon below.


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