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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Miracle of the Eucharist of Walldurn Audiobook

Miracle of the Eucharist of Walldurn Audiobook

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Title: Miracle of the Eucharist of Walldurn
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Narrator: Luz Elena Sandoval-Lord

Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audiobook mp3 download
10 Minutes

Miracle of the Eucharist of Walldurn
Eucharistic Miracles

Come to Walldurn, site of the Miracle of the Eucharist.

See the Blood-stained Corporal, which formed the image of 11 thorn-crowned heads, after the Chalice was spilled onto the Corporal. See a town which was named after the pilgrims who come here to venerate this Miracle. Witness the ultraviolet photograph that reveals the Image of Jesus Crucified.

Join the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims processing many miles from their villages to the Shrine.

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