Mother Mary Ushers in the Age of the Eucharist

Mother Mary Ushers in the Age of the Eucharist

Mother Mary Ushers in the Age of the Eucharist

The Age of the Eucharist


Do you think it possible that Our Lord Jesus was giving us a preview of the Age of the Eucharist over thirty years ago? Penny had an image appear before her eyes. She shot up from the couch. She hadn't been sleeping, or we would have thought she were dreaming. It was so distinct; she could make out the details. She couldn't stop talking about it.

You will never believe what I just saw! I saw Jesus on top of a mountain. His arms were outstretched; He was hovering over the earth, as if protecting it; The sky was dark blue, almost black, but where He stood, there was a light, an aura emanating from Him; He was bleeding and the blood was flowing from His Head and Hands, spilling down the mountain, nourishing the ground, changing it from dry dead earth to rich green land with roses covering most of the mountainside. I started to make fun of Penny. I made that eerie sound from the Twilight Zone music playfully, but I could see that something had really touched her. Now at this time, we were Sunday go-to-church Catholics.

Penny knew very little about the Faith. Her knowledge was based on a once-a-week CCD preparation, for one year, to receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and that was it. She was in love with Jesus, and I didn't want her to get too heady and lose the innocent love and trust she had for Jesus. What she lacked in head knowledge, she more than made up for it with heart knowledge. The next day, Penny had a hard time trying to get the picture out of her mind. At dinner, she shared with our two children what she had seen. Our son Richard said, Let's go, Mama, and buy a canvas and some paints.

The store owner soon knew Penny had no training because as he would bring out canvases, she would say,
"no....big - no....bigger than that."

The owner of the store asked if she had any idea how she intended to fill the canvas. She knew exactly what she was going to put into the painting. And so they ordered canvas and some tubes of red, yellow, etc. etc., and only one brush! That night, she stayed up until after midnight, sketching the entire picture, calling out "Oh, there's His Knee; there's His Chest and Its collapsed; He's looking over the earth."

It was as if she were not sketching the canvas; it was unfolding before her, and she were an observer. It went on and on like that, until the entire sketch came to life on the huge canvas. The painting took more than a year to complete. All that time, Penny would not allow anyone to see it, but us. One day, near completion, our young Jewish neighbor Bruce, our son's friend, knocked on the door. "Mrs. Lord," he asked, "may I see the painting?"

We lived in an all Jewish neighborhood, and somehow it had gotten out about the painting. You can just imagine the speculation and curiosity that was circulating around the neighborhood. Penny let Bruce in. Now, not even Penny had any idea what the Lord was saying through the painting. Bruce stared deeply at the painting for a long time. ìWhy did they kill Jesus? I think the painting is saying that Jesus had to die, so that Love would spread over all the earth.î Penny had seen the entire picture in her mind, except the bottom; it was hazy. She turned to us, her intimate family and asked, if we believed Jesus' Love had spread over all the earth. At that time, not even suspecting the hell we would be experiencing and the path of destruction and culture of death, the world would enter into, our family decided

"No, His Love has not reached the four corners of the earth. That dry brown crusty part of the painting is the section where the earth is parched." Now this happened over thirty years ago, and the painting has remained in a prominent place on our wall from that time till now, even through our period away from Jesus and his Church. We would look at it whenever someone came into the house to ask about the unsigned painting. We would at that time, tell them what Bruce had said. The painting has become part of our family; but we haven't paid much attention to it for the past year or so. We had been speculating, the last few days, what to write in this epilog, what the Lord may want you to remember. This morning, on the way to Church, the painting flashed before Penny again. Penny received a word: This is what the painting means! It is the foretelling of the coming Age, The Age of the Eucharist! The Blood that is pouring from My Hands and Head is My Body and Blood in the Eucharist. ìAnd He took bread, and when He had given thanks He broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is My Body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me." And likewise the cup after supper, saying, "This cup which is poured out for you is the new Covenant in My Blood." (Luke 22:19)

We felt as if Our Lord Jesus was saying to us, Thirty years ago, I gave you the message, and although you didn't understand, you said yes. Then when tragedy struck, you left Me and My Church. But when I called you back, three years later, I revealed My Presence on the Altar to you, and you fell in love with Me. This painting reveals that there will be one flock with one shepherd in the Third Millennium, and I, through the Eucharist, will unite all My children, so that the splinters of the Cross will be no more.

"The blessing cup that we bless is a Communion with the Blood of Christ, and the bread that we break is a Communion with the Body of Christ." (1 Cor 10:15-18) The fact there is only one loaf means that, though there are many of us, we form a single body because we share in this one loaf. He was saying, we will be one body, one Church with Him, in Him, and through Him! The tower of Babel that has existed will be no more. It will be the Age of the ongoing Sacrifice of the Cross, the Sacrifice of the Mass, our beloved Jesus offering Himself as Victim to the Father, as He did on the Cross for us! Suddenly, we understood why the brutal war is being waged against our beloved Church. Satan knows that the Lord is ushering in a new time, a truly new age. Not only will we know Him truly Present to us on the Altar, in the Monstrance and in the Tabernacle, the world will know Him! ìThen, the wolf will be the guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. The calf and young lion shall browse together, with a little child to guide them.î (Isaiah 11:6) Peace will reign over all the world. See and believe! Your God comes to you, during the Mass!


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