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We ship USPS within the United States and possessions via these Methods

Free Shipping for all DVDs for all orders over $15.00
Free Shipping for paperback books with 20% discount - orders over $15.00
Free Shipping for all other items - orders over $30.00


All other Countries

NOTE: There is a Worldwide Shipping Crisis.

Shipping delays are increasing to all Countries. These delays are weeks and sometimes months. We have many products held in export docks across the USA waiting for export.

Furthermore we are not allowed to ship to some countries! 

Because of this Shipping Crisis, we highly recommend that you consider digital video, audio and text downloads in lieu of tangible products requiring shipping. With digital downloads you receive the item instantly for viewing, listening or reading on your device ( phone, computer, tablet etc).

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 For all countries available for shipping Rates will be calculated during Checkout process we are charging a minimum for handling and charging what it costs us for USPS
We ship USPS United States Postal Service
First Class Mail
Ground Advantage
First Class Package International
Priority Mail
Priority Mail Express
Priority Mail Express International
Priority Mail International

We ship worldwide and the rates will show up during the Checkout process.
At that time you can choose your method of delivery.


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