Bob and Penny Lord Store Rewards Program

Bob and Penny Lord Store Rewards Program

Rewards Program at Bob and Penny Lord's Store

Existing and new customers are invited to join Our Rewards Program.

Earn Rewards when shopping at Bob and Penny Lord Store

Loyalty Rewards Program-Place an order

25 Points for every $1 you spend
Sign up
1,000 Points
Celebrate a birthday
500 Points
Follow on Instagram
250 Points
Like page on Facebook
250 Points
Share link on Facebook
250 Points
Follow on Twitter
250 Points
Share link on Twitter
250 Points
Referral Program
Refer a friend who makes a purchase and both of you will claim rewards.
They will get
$5 off coupon
You will get
$5 off coupon
Redeem your Reward points:
$5 off coupon for 500 Reward points
$10 off coupon for 1000 Reward points
$20 off coupon for 2000 Reward points. 

Applying the Rewards is very simple.

The Rewards button is located on the bottom left side on every page.

CLICK the REWARDS PROGRAM button and after you Join or Sign in you will see the 1000 Reward points are in your Points listing and you simply click Redeem points and when you add items to your cart the coupon code is applied automatically. 

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