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We are excited to offer this FREE to all of our supporters and friends.
God is blessing us and we want to share the blessings each way we can.
Here is all you have to do to start watching our videos.
Bob and Penny Lord TV Live Streaming and Video on Demand Channel FREE

We are excited to offer this FREE to all of our supporters and friends. God is blessing us and we want to share the blessings each way we can.

Here is all you have to do to start watching our videos.

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1. Discount Popups and On Sale ITEMS

As you browse our site you will see
Special Discounts and Offer Popups
depending on the page you are on.
For example on a Saints Feast Day you may see a
popup offer for that Saints Collection!

These Popups will offer Discounts up to 50%, so watch out for them.

In addition, we have a unique feature whereby you will earn extra discounts for the total value of items in your cart! For example when your cart is near $50 you will see a popup revealing an additional discount.

There are also surprise popups with great offers.

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2. Subscription to Bob and Penny Lord TV 

 Bob and Penny spent over 30 years traveling the world and researching accounts of 
Miracles of the Eucharist,
Apparitions of Mary,
and lives of the Saints. 
Our Video on Demand Streaming TV Channel
has hundreds of videos produced from their research
plus Our Live Stream which includes: Saint of the Day, Inspiring Accounts, Conferences, Music Concerts and  a lot more about our Catholic Faith. 
We have updated the videos with new scenes and higher resolution.
Over 528 episodes are available at our Channel.
Watch on your phone or TV or any device connected to the Internet.

Grab a free 30 Day Trial to our Streaming Channel


Grab a free Subscription to our Journeys of Faith Newsletter.  

NOTE: We do not send out marketing emails from our store. However we have created a Journeys of Faith Newsletter just for our supporters like you. Please subscribe to our FREE Newsletter to stay connected.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. You will also receive a Full Membership to our Newsletter. We post to our Blog, our Podcasts, our Youtube channel, Videos, Events and more.

  2. Full Access to All Public Posts
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3. Book and or DVD of the Month Club

$11.00 per month includes shipping. Great Value!

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4. Loyalty Rewards Program

When you place an order

25 Points for every $1 you spend
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1,000 Points
Free shipping coupon
500 points

Celebrate a birthday
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Referral Program
Refer a friend who makes a purchase and both of you will claim rewards.
They will get
$5 off coupon
You will get
$5 off coupon
Redeem your Reward points:
$5 off coupon for 500 Reward points
$10 off coupon for 1000 Reward points
$20 off coupon for 2000 Reward points. 

Applying the Rewards is very simple.

The Rewards button is located on the bottom left side on every page.

CLICK the REWARDS PROGRAM button and after you Join or Sign in you will see the 1000 Reward points are in your Points listing and you simply click Redeem points and when you add items to your cart the coupon code is applied automatically.


5. Discounted Bundles

These bundles are very popular with our supporters.
When you click add to cart a 50% discount
will be applied automatically

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6. Most Popular and Most Discounted Items

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