Saint Philomena  Saint of Chastity Catholic Women Saints

Saint Philomena Saint of Chastity Catholic Women Saints

Saint Philomena  Saint of Chastity Catholic Women Saints

Saint of Chastity

Why are we writing about this particular Saint? Her life story is little known to man, but well known by God. This you will see clearly confirmed by the thousands upon thousands of miracles granted, down through the centuries, through her intercession. These miracles, in themselves, could fill a book.

That St. Philomena has touched the hearts of many, you need only to visit the Shrines of powerful Saints, like the Curé of Ars - St. John Vianney, and see the place she held in their hearts, a living testimony of the role the little Saint of Chastity has always had in God’s Plan of salvation.

Why do we say in God’s Plan of salvation? If you recall, although Jesus cared for the bodies of the poor souls who approached him for physical healings, he was more concerned with the salvation of their souls. We will not only be speaking of the healing of the body brought about miraculously through her intercession, we will speak of the role she wants to play in the salvation of souls. Whereas, we know our Saint mostly for the miracles brought about through her intercession, we will be touching on the role God is giving her to play in your hearts and the hearts of your children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Why a story about a little Saint of Chastity? Why today? What does this mean to us, today? What is chastity?

St. John Vianney, in particular, insisted that all credit for miracles people received at his church, be attributed to the intercession of St. Philomena

Second Vatican Council II tells us:

Shrine of Saint Philomena

“Especially in the heart of their own families, young people should be aptly and seasonably instructed about the dignity, duty, and expression of married love. Trained thus in this cultivation of chastity, they will be able at a suitable age to enter a marriage of their own after an honorable courtship.” (GS 51)

If ever the world needed to know what chastity is, it is today. Let us try to explain the Church’s teaching on chastity. Exercising this noble virtue (words almost forgotten which we must resurrect) checks, controls, moderates, or excludes the desire and pleasure of carnal or sexual thoughts or actions. It is called the `angelic virtue’ because the angels are pure by nature.

There are two kinds of chastity: that which pertains to the conjugal love shared by married couples and continence or purity which is the chastity to be exercised by the young and unmarried people. Whereas with married couples, husbands and wives, chastity is the control and moderation of sexual relations, with youngsters and unmarried people it is the exclusion of sexual thoughts, desires or acts.

At one Papal audience, unaware the Pope was preparing the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we were amazed to hear Pope John Paul II say: “If a man looks at his wife with lust in his heart, he is guilty of lustful thoughts and consequently of committing adultery.” Was he not speaking, like St. Paul, before him, when he said that man must love his wife’s body as his own? A month later, Pope John Paul II spoke of the responsibility of the media, to not entice married and unmarried alike into living a life of sin. And how did the media respond? You cannot put a secular program on T.V. most days without the subtle and not-so subtle suggestion to live lives of sin and perversion.

Shrine of Saint Philomena

We wonder and are horrified that children are committing murders, often their own parents. I guess they figure if Mommy could have killed me in her womb, its fair game that I can kill her. If it’s all right to help someone commit suicide out of compassion, then I guess it’s not murder if I help someone die. Childish thoughts? Dear God, where are we going? Pope Paul VI said in Humanae Vitae if we use birth control, it will lead to abortion which will lead to euthanasia and, we add, to shortening the life of those whose quality of life is not worth saving. Are we, like that monster Hitler

Authors are paraphrasing his quotation thinking of a master race of clones?

Pope John Paul II speaks of the “Culture of Death.” Sin is like locusts that swarm over a healthy field of flowers, devouring and then destroying all they cannot ravage. This chapter is for parents who have the responsibility and God-given right to save their children. These chapters are for the youth of the world. Look in the mirror Jesus holds up to you. Look at the faces of these young Saints. Look at the diabolical face of the devil. Whom do you choose?

Chastity is often confused as pertaining only to those taking a vow of celibacy or virginity. Although these vows include chastity, chastity can include these vows but not exclusively.

Chastity is to be exercised by all, in all walks of life. In a time of decadence - sexual permissiveness bringing on the murder of the innocents, perversion - its tentacles of self-hate gripping the souls of the young and innocent - through forced and enforced sex education beginning as early as the first grade, same sex marriages - two daddys and two mommys, through schools and media of all kinds teaching homosexuality is the norm - loving, compassionate; and the cry for decency and following the Ten Commandments - unloving and archaic. Next, will they call God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit unloving and archaic? Oh, my God they already have and we have done nothing! And so, the enemy of God with his many disguises attacks the Holy Trinity.

Is Saint Philomena a Saint?

When Saints like Saint Philomena were removed from the Church Calendar after Vatican Council II, many were hurt, thinking their favorite Saint had been deposed at best, and discredited at worst. I remember our son Richard Christopher (his baptismal name) being upset, when Saint Christopher was taken off the Calendar. Erroneously some said that it was because there was so little evidence these Saints had lived. Actually the telling and retelling of the stories of these Saints, down through the centuries, is

Read how sex education was instituted in the schools, by the masonic government of Mexico, beginning with the lowest grades, to tear down all family values, in an attempt to destroy the family unit and take control of the children, throw out the legitimate Roman Catholic Church and begin the destruction of the masses - all through sex education. For more on this, read Bob and Penny Lord’s book: Martyrs, they died for Christ. reminiscent of the writers of the Old Testament.

With the Old Testament there is little earthly remains giving us clear evidence of the prophets’ existence. We know of them solely through those who passed down their words and the events in their lives. Through this ongoing tradition, recalling the lives of the Prophets, one generation after the other heard the Word of God, their lives were influenced, and in turn the lives of the people of God to follow, down through the ages.

And what was God’s plan? To teach, nourish, affirm and fortify generation after generation that there is a God and He has been faithful to them through thick and thin, in good times and bad, when they have been faithful and unfaithful, an unconditional loving Father Who never gave up on His conditional oftentimes unloving children.

But to alleviate any fears and correct any misconceptions, the Role Call of Pontiffs, beginning with Pope Gregory XVI, then Leo XII, Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, and Benedict XV, using the supreme authority passed down to them from Jesus, have declared, down through the centuries: Philomena a Saint, Virgin and Martyr.

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