The Easter Message from The Risen Lord is Simple!

The Easter Message from The Risen Lord is Simple!

"He is Risen!"


I have been reflecting this Lent on what Our Lord may be saying to me and has been saying for a long time.

If any of you know me you know that sometimes I talk too much and at other times I say a few words.

Today I want to say a few words.

In 1985 I went through a conversion experience that changed my life forever. I gave up a career in Chemical Engineering to join Bob and Penny Lord and help them develop their Ministry Journeys of Faith.

Truthfully many of you thought I had lost my mind.

I was convinced at that time that it was a time of great grace and opportunity to serve 100% like nothing in hundreds of years.

I started reading every book I could get my hands on from the Guardian Book store in Little Rock. I started reading the lives of the Saints and books on every Catholic teaching. I started reading all of Saint Pope John Paul II's writings.

His encyclical Mother of the Redeemer revealed the Prophecy of Saint Lous de Montfort that is coming to pass now.

I began to see a pattern all revealing the same message! Jesus was saying simply 'Turn Back to Me! With all your heart!"

After joining Journeys of Faith in 1987 I continued for the last 33 years reading more and more of the lives of the Saints and other books related to Catholicism.

I am preparing to present a summary of what I have discovered soon. And will convert it to a podcast so stay tuned for that.

I promised to keep this post short so here is a short summary.

The last few centuries have seen the divide between good and evil grow wider and wider to the point that only a fool cannot see that now.

Starting with the prophecy of Saint Louis de Montfort in the 1700s which was good then followed the so called Enlightenment with leaders like DesCartes and Friedrich Nietzsche  who stated that There is no God! Atheism started then.

The Church started in the 18th and 19th centuries to warn us about Atheism and Secularism creeping in every where.

After the Enlightenment those Atheists started to teach that science and reason were the answer to everything and God was not relevant any more!

The Church countered with messages from Saints and Popes contradicting atheism and secularism.

Evil spawned the rise of the architects of the Culture of Death with players like Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger and the list continues to this day.

All of them atheists and secularist.

For example in the area of science before the Enlightenment scientist wrote beautifully about God's creation and God's laws. Scientist like Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the laws of motion and gravity still in use today.

After the spread of atheism many in the field of science were atheists and presented false teaching about many many areas. We have been deceived about the Creation of the Universe, Origin of Life and a host of other topics.

But most important is that is it little known that the foremost teachers in the top Universities currently teach that the best way to understand Creation and Life is to read the book of Genesis! That message is hidden and I want to do my part to present the truth about the revolution in science pointing back to God.

You can be assured that the atheists are fighting this with everything they can use to confuse us.

That is just a small taste of what has been happening in just one sector, Scientists are turning back to God!

One of the most foremost authorities in Biology is a PHD Chemical Engineer and devout Catholic. That explains in simple terms that science will never create any form of life. The digital code written in a single cell that directs that cell is far too complex for science to make even a simple bacteria. 

Finally what is happening is the battle between good and evil Evil is being revealed in every area starting with science. The good news is that there is so much happening that is Good and our job is to reveal as much of that as we possible can.

"Turn back to God with all your heart, soul and mind!"

In 1985 I could see a great opportunity and I got down on my knees and begged God to guide me to a place where I could be a small part of the Great Renewal that if upon us!

"Ask and you shall receive."

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