Marian Apparitions

Marian Apparitions
Accounts of the Apparitions of Mary


Saint Louis de Montfort prophesized that in the Last Days,
Blessed Mother Mary would be like a Saint John the Baptist
announcing the Good News and much more. 
Certainly we have many Marian Apparitions to discover and
discern what Our Lady and Jesus are trying to tell us.



Discover the treasures in this list of Marian Apparitions



that Bob and Penny Lord have visited and
presented here for you to view and purchase as a
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List of Marian Apparitions

Mother Mary - Blessed Mother
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Our Lady of Akita

Our Lady of Altotting

Our Lady of Banneux

Our Lady of Beauraing

Our Lady of the Cape

Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Knock

Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Laus

Our Lady of Loreto and the Holy House

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady of Ocotlan

Our Lady of Peace La Conquistadora NM

Our Lady of Pilar

Our Lady of Pompei

Our Lady of Pontmain

Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of Tears

Our Lady of Siuliai - Lithuania

Our Lady Gate of Dawn  - Lithuania


From Bob and Penny Lord's Book "The Many Faces of Mary"

  Above is part of a dream experienced by St.  John Bosco on May 30, 1862.  He saw a large ship, with the Pope at the helm.  Also, in his words,
    "In the midst of this endless sea,  two solid columns, a short distance apart,  soar high into the sky.  On the one side,  a  statue of Our Lady,  the Blessed  Virgin, stands  high  above the sea.   At her feet  is  a  large inscription, which reads 'AUXILIUM CHRISTIANORUM', (Help of Christians).   On the other side, and much higher, is a  Giant  Host,  at the base of which is written  'SALUS CREDENTIUM' (Salvation of Believers).   The two  columns stand  tall  and strong,  warding off the  thrashing  of raging winds."
St. John Bosco describes smaller ships surrounding the large
ship and the columns.   Many of them attack the  flagship,  while
others  defend  it.   No  sooner is the Pope killed  than  he  is
replaced  by another pope.   The battle continues.   The new Pope
tries to steer his ship between the two columns, but is having an
extremely difficult time of it because of the constant  pummeling
by the furious  hurricane.   Finally, he succeeds in bringing his
ship  between the columns.   He ties it up at each  column.   The
wind cries out a bloodcurdling shriek, heard round the world, and
dies.   The enemy ships scatter in great fear, their battle lost,
while the defending ships sing out praises to Our Lord Jesus,  as
they,  too,  tie  up at the posts.   A peaceful calm blankets the
     We chose to open our book on Mary with this vision, or dream
of  St.  John  Bosco,  because  we  believe  there  is  a  strong
connection between that dream and the work the Lord has commanded
us to do.  There was then, and is now, a great battle being waged
between the powers of good and evil for control of the world, and
destruction  of two of the strongest powers we have in the Church
     In 1985,  we had absolutely no idea of writing a book on THE
MIRACLES  OF THE EUCHARIST,  although we had gathered  more  than
enough material over a ten year period.  We had used our research
to teach the Pilgrims we brought to the shrines in our Pilgrimage
Ministry.   But the Lord was strong in His demand.  In October of
1986,  THIS  IS  MY  BODY,  THIS IS MY  BLOOD,  Miracles  of  the
Eucharist was published.   But that was just the beginning.

     There  was  a  great misunderstanding of  the  documents  of
Vatican  II regarding Our Lady's role in the Church,  during  and
immediately  after  the  Council  convened.    Because  of  this,
devotion  to Mary went into a tailspin.   Her best  friends,  the
angels and saints,  were also affected.  It was a complete sweep. 
It was as if the whole world had gone crazy.  This was not at all
what  Pope  John XXIII had in mind when he attempted to open  the
windows  of the Church to let the Spirit flow.   The  day  before
convening Vatican Council II, he went in pilgrimage to the shrine
of  Our  Lady at Loreto,  in Italy,  celebrated Mass in the  Holy
House  of  Nazareth,  and  prayed for Mary's  protection  of  the
upcoming Council.
     Long  after  the  Council ended,  the  actual  documents  of
Vatican  Council II found their way to the rank and file  of  the
Church.   In reading them,  it was very obvious that none of what
actually happened was meant to happen by the Council.   Actually,
the  praise  of Our Sweet Mother Mary and the saints was a  great
tribute  to  the Council and its Documents.   But it  took  years
before anyone knew what they were actually saying.  In 1954, Pope
Pius  XII declared a Marian Year.   In 1962,  Vatican Council  II
opened.   In 1964, just ten years after the declaration of Mary's
special  Marian  year,  Vatican Council II declared  a  teaching,
explaining Mary's place in the Church.   In the same  year,  Pope
Paul VI declared Mary MOTHER OF THE CHURCH.
     But  the damage had been done.   Devotion to  Mary  stopped;
novenas to Mary stopped; the Rosary stopped; magazines devoted to
Mary  ceased publication.   But Mary made a statement in 1917  at
Fatima, which was not meant just for Russia.

     And triumph it will.
     SHE IS DAUGHTER OF THE FATHER - forever obedient to Him
              MOTHER OF THE SON - leading us to Him
      AND SPOUSE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - moving men's hearts.

     The Good News is that Our Lady has been through this before,
and survived very well.  This is not the first time that Mary has
been  attacked  in  the history of the  Church.   From  the  very
beginning,  she has been the target of jealousy and abuse.  Every
time strong devotion to Mary has taken place,  it has always been
followed by violent hostilities.   Usually,  these assaults begin
with  the  heresies  denying the Real Presence of  Jesus  in  the
Eucharist.  They are almost always followed by onslaughts against
Mary.   We call this the Good News because we and she have always
come out of it,  eventually.  The Bad News is that the eventually
involves  a great deal of struggle and persecution,  both on Mary
and  her believers.   We have been in such times  of  persecution
since Vatican Council II.
     We're  told that since the last approved apparition  by  Our
Lady at Banneux,  Belgium,  in 1933,  there have been 130 claimed
visits from Mary prior to the reported apparitions in Medjugorje,
Yugoslavia in 1981, which we will talk about in this book.  SINCE
MEDJUGORJE,  we  hear about the Lady from Heaven coming to places
like Africa,  and Cairo,  and Ireland, to name a few.  It will be
some  time  before anyone properly analyzes what is happening  in
our  time.    While  we're  not  attempting  to  comment  on  the
authenticity  of  any of these claimed apparitions,  we  know  one
thing for sure.
     Two  weeks  after we had sent the manuscript of our book  on
the  MIRACLES OF THE EUCHARIST to the editor and  typesetter,  we
left to bring a group of pilgrims to the Holy  Land,  Medjugorje,
and  the shrines of Our Lady in Europe.   We had not considered a
follow  up  book.  Remember,  we knew  absolutely  nothing  about
publishing,  or  selling a book.  We were praying to the Lord  to
show  us  how  to get the book on the Miracles of  the  Eucharist
     During  this Pilgrimage,  Mary came to us in a very  special
way,  with  a  mandate.   She showed us on  many  occasions,  the
painting  of  that  vision of Don Bosco's  in  1862.   She  spoke
softly,  gently to our hearts.   She invaded our sleeping and our
waking hours.  We knew, within two weeks of our departure for her
shrines,  that  this book had to be written.   But it had to be a
very special book, for a special Lady, at a crucial period in the
history of the world.
     When  we began formulating a book on Mary,  we needed a word
from  her,  a  direction.   Should  it be  another  book  on  the
apparitions of Our Lady from our personal research?  Should it be
our  own  experiences with Mary at different times in our  lives? 
Should  it be our experiences at the shrines of  Mary  throughout
the  world?   Should it be about our feelings for Mary,  our love
for her,  how it came about,  how it's manifested itself over the
years?   Should  it  be  about her love for  us,  and  how  she's
protected and guided us all our lives, how she's stood by us when
we rejected her?  We needed guidance.
     Who is Mary?  Why is there such controversy surrounding this
Lady, the most loving, the most beautiful woman in the history of
the world?   Why does she always visit us from Heaven?  What does
she say to us that has so much meaning for us?   Why do we listen
to her?   Why do we not listen to her?   Why is she under so much
attack?   Why does she keep coming back, when people are so cruel
to her?   Mary means so many things to so many people.   What did
she want us to say about her?  We had to find out.
     Our  Journey began.   We had visited many of the shrines  of
Mary  over  the years.   We observed the effect Our Lady  had  on
other pilgrims who visited the same shrines.   We tried to  write
down our own feelings while we were at these holy places,  but it
was  near  impossible.   While  we  focus on Jesus  and  Mary  on
Pilgrimages, at shrines like Lourdes and Fatima, we are so filled
with emotions that it takes time to sort it all out.  Oftentimes,
we  have  to go off by ourselves to a quiet place to  gather  our
thoughts.  We had written background on all these shrines for our
Good Newsletter, and for Pilgrims going on one of our Journeys of
Faith to Mary's shrines.  But we had never put it all together.
     We  developed a hunger for Mary.   We searched out and  made
pilgrimages  to  lesser known shrines,  such as Our Lady  of  the
Victories in Paris, Pontmain, Banneux, Beauraing, and others that
we  had  heard of.   We looked for a theme,  an overall  message,
which would apply to all the apparitions.   We thought that  each
apparition was given for a particular person, or group of people,
for a specific time in the history of a given part of the world.
     The  only thread of an overall message we could determine is
that of Cana,  her last recorded words in the Gospel, Do Whatever
He Tells You.  She's been more specific over  the  years.   She
calls for prayer,  fasting, penance, reconciliation, and a return
to  the  Sacraments.   Other  than  that,  the  message  of  each
apparition  seems  to  be  unique in  itself.   She  never  makes
reference  to  her previous apparitions.   
     At Loreto,  Italy, inside the Holy House of Nazareth, I told
Penny  I  could feel a great closeness to Mary.   I  directed  my
attention  to her statue above the main altar.  I focused on  her
    I  emptied  my mind of everything but the vision  before  me. 
Only  she was clear.   Everything on the outer edges of my vision
was  blurred.   I was at the brink of direct  communication  with
her.   I could feel her trying to reach me.  She was speaking.  I
could  almost  hear her in my heart.   But I lost it.   The  room
became crowded with pilgrims;  my concentration was  broken.   It
was so frustrating.   I knew she was trying to get through to me. 
The  feeling  was there!   It actually became  stronger,  burning
inside  of  me.   But  the words,  breaking it  down  into  human
language  had  not yet come.   I couldn't explain  to  myself  or
anyone else what had happened.
     My mind traveled back to that warm summer day in 1983,  when
my Penny, or now I wonder if it wasn't Mary through Penny, coined
the phrase,  THE MANY FACES OF MARY.  The late afternoon sun cast
its  shadows from the buildings onto the pavement of the  sleepy,
narrow Corso Boccalino, which leads to the Holy House of Nazareth
in  Loreto.   The  shops lining either side of the  streets  were
still  closed  for  their traditional Italian 3  1/2  hour  lunch
period.   It was warm.   It was late July.  The previous two week
excruciating  heat  wave was but a preview of what  August  would
     As  we  walked down the street towards the famous shrine  to
Mary, we praised and thanked her for the relief from the heat the
shadows afforded us.   It was a lazy day,  partly because of  the
heat,  and  partly because of the conversation with our  luncheon
guest.    He  was  a  young  Italian  manufacturer  of  religious
articles,  Paolo  Georgetti.   He  was eager to know  why  people
prayed  to  Mary  under so many different  names.   He  used  the
pretext  that  he was interested in manufacturing plaques of  Our
Lady,  but  we could tell from his conversation that he had  been
seriously flirting with the Jehovah's Witnesses.   
     My  wife Penny,  who has a great love for Mary,  rattled off
with great enthusiasm the various titles of Our Lady to which she
judged people had the greatest devotion. "Let's see, there is Our
Lady of Lourdes,  Our Lady of Loreto,  Our Lady of Fatima.   Then
you  definitely need Our Lady of Pompeii,  Our Lady of  Perpetual
     Young Paolo started to laugh.   "But senora, how many ladies
are  there?"   The  sound  of his  laughter  ricocheted  off  the
buildings,  assaulting the peaceful silence of the afternoon.  It
was  like  a  shriek  against our ears.   We felt as  if  he  had
     Penny looked at him,  her expression a combination of  hurt,
anger and defensiveness.  "How many people are you? To your wife,
you  are Paolo,  husband and lover.   To your children,  you  are
daddy,  pillar of strength,  provider.   To your father,  you are
Paolo,  son,  successor to his business, learning your trade from
him.   To your mother,  you are the baby she held inside her womb
for nine months,  and watched with pride as you grew up.  To your
contemporaries,  you are Paolo,  the friend.   To your employees,
you are Signor Georgetti, the patrone.  Same Paolo, but different
people, addressing different needs. 
     It's  the same with Our Lady,  only multiplied ten  thousand
fold.  Mary has many faces.  Each title of Mary answers a special
need in those who reach out to her.  And she answers the needs as
a loving mother,  an understanding friend, a trusting confidante,
whatever  you need.   She's available.   Don't ever underestimate
the Many Faces of Mary".  There it was!!
     We went to Lourdes.  Everyone who has spent any time at that
magical  shrine has their own special place,  their  own  special
relationship with Mary.   Our particular place is the Basilica of
the Rosary.  There is a mosaic of Mary inside the dome. She looks
absolutely breathtaking.   She wears her crown as Queen of Heaven
and Earth.  She's dressed in a white gown with a blue sash, and a
cloak  of  ermine.   Her arms and hands  are  outstretched.   The
expression  on her face is very individual,  very  personal.   It
says  different  things to different people at  different  times. 
Each time we go to Lourdes,  she says something new.   Even if we
visit  the Church a few times during one trip,  she'll give us  a
variety  of  messages.   She  has a smile on  her  face,  and  an
expression  in her eyes that is so young,  so happy,  so full  of
hope.   Her eyes follow us all over the church.   No matter where
we  walk,  if we turn to look at Mary,  she's watching  us.   The
message  we  received this last time was  You're  getting  close. 
Don't stop searching.  Keep your attention on me.  You'll get the
message soon.
     I  came  back  to California after two  pilgrimages  to  the
shrines of Mary.  Penny had to remain in Europe, waiting to bring
the   next  group  of  pilgrims  to  the  shrines.    After  each
pilgrimage,  I seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough.   But
it still had not happened.   I returned on September  6.   Mary's
birthday is September 8, and mine is September 9.  I received the
message from Mary in our Parish Church. 
     I  attended  Mass  in  our parish on  September  8.   I  had
completely  forgotten it was the Birthday of  Mary.   Our  Parish
priest had been in the Room of the Apparitions in Medjugorje with
me in July, but I hadn't seen him since we had returned from that
Pilgrimage.   On  this day,  he gave a homily in honor of Mary on
her birthday.  He said many things, but the one that stood out to
me,  THE  MESSAGE  that  Our Lady was trying  to  give  me,  came
through.   I'm  paraphrasing what he said,  but the essence is as
     "In  preparing  this homily,  I went through the  Litany  of
Mary.   It  gives the various titles of Mary,  some of which  are
myself,  she's not a star,  or a gate,  or a rose.  These are the
words of poets, and while they're very poetic, very inspired, and
they  attempt  to place Our dear Lady in her proper  position  in
Heaven,  way above us,  they don't tell us anything about who she
really was,  and is.  She's a woman, a very special woman, a very
strong woman,  an obedient daughter,  a loving wife, an unselfish
mother,  a friend,  a confidante, and all love.  It's good to put
Mary on a throne,  because she is our queen.   But if we put  her
out  of reach,  we've made a mistake,  because she is above  all,
     Mary is Touchable!  I had to travel 9,000 miles, and 60 days
searching,  struggling,  praying for a word, only to come back to
my parish in California.  The speaker was not famous.  He was not
Fr.  John Powell, or Fr. Ken Roberts or Fr. Richard Rohr.  He was
a simple parish priest,  much like St.  Jean Vianney, the Cure of
Ars.   The  church  was not a great shrine.   It was  our  little
parish church Our Lady used to give me my word.   And the word  I
received is Touchable." 
     In all Marian apparitions,  Mary reaches out to us,  to help us. 
She becomes vulnerable; she allows herself to be touched.  Battle
lines are drawn.  Attacks from the fallen angels are a guarantee. 
They hate her more than any human being  the Lord has put on this
earth.   Good people are made to do bad things.  Unbridled anger,
pure  hatred  spews out of their mouths in denunciation  of  her. 
But then good things happen.   "In the end,  my Immaculate  Heart
will triumph".   Mass conversions come about.  There are Healings
of body and soul,  reconciliation, return to her Son Jesus in the
Eucharist.   All  of  this happens because she is willing  to  be
     Our goal in this book is to make Mary touchable for you,  as
she  is  to us,  as she was to the people she chose to  visit  on
earth.   We will try, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to
make her for you what she is for us.  She is our friend.  She can
be your friend,  too.   We want to share with you the freedom  to
call  on her the way you would your very best friend.   When  you
reach  out to her for help,  or solace,  have the confidence that
she will take your hand, listen to you, console you, and lead you
to her Son, Jesus.  If she can reach you through our writing, she
will have accomplished her goal, which is our mission.
     We come back to the vision of St.  John Bosco in 1862.  What
was  Mary  called in that dream?   HELP OF CHRISTIANS.  Our  Lady
wants to touch you.  She wants you to touch her.  She has used us
to bring you closer to her,  to give you the freedom to allow her
to get closer to you.   She has been waiting for you.   Go to her
now.   She is your mother.  Remember how you loved your mother as
a  child,  and how she loved you.   Happiness is just around  the
corner.  Reach out and touch her.

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