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30 Day Free Trial - Yearly Subscription to Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel

30 Day Free Trial - Yearly Subscription to Bob and Penny Lord TV Channel

Welcome to Bob and Penny Lord's TV Channel.
Would you like to watch Catholic Videos on your TV, Computer or Phone?
Well now you can do just that!

Subscription Details:

Free for 30 days

Then $37.00 USD for each year
(Renews until you cancel at any time)
(I will email you login information to access our streaming channel plus login to our Free Newsletter)




Bob and Penny spent over 30 years traveling the world and researching accounts of Miracles of the Eucharist, Apparitions of Mary, and lives of the Saints. Our TV Channel has hundreds of videos (see list below) produced from their research plus Our Live Stream which includes: Saint of the Day, Inspiring Accounts, Conferences, Music Concerts and  a lot more about our Catholic Faith. In 2018 we started the updating of the videos with new scenes. Browse the list below. Thanks for your support. We love you!

Benefits of Membership:
Full access to our streaming channel

Total Access to our complete library of 500+ videos via our streaming channel 


Bonus Benefit - Newsletter Membership 

    1. You will also receive a Full Membership to our Newsletter. We post to our Blog, our Podcasts, our Youtube channel, Videos, Events and more.

    2. Full Access to All Public Posts
    3. All Our Blog Posts
    4. All Our Podcast Posts
    5. Public Video Posts
    6. Events notices

Watch on any device - including iPhone, Android, smart TV, computer, tablet, Roku Channel, Amazon Fire TV with unlimited access to our video list below and Live Streams with a Subscription. With your username and password you will be able to access from any device!

Android and Apple users may also access using our free Bob and Penny Lord App at the App Store

Other subscriptions available.

Subscribe for $2.50 per month click here pay $60 every 24 Months

Subscribe for $3 per month click here pay $37 every 12 months

Subscribe for $5 per month click here pay $15 every 3 months

Subscribe for $7 per month click here pay $7 per month


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