Conferences and much more are back!

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Conferences have been a part of Bob and Penny Lord's Ministry from the beginning. We have had many well attended Conferences here at Holy Family Mission and the pause caused by the Pandemic will end and we are bringing them back and this time we will also have them available at our TV Channel. We want those that can to join us at the Mission and now those that cannot travel here can join us live on line.

Since we now have our own TV Channel we will begin to schedule more Online Access Conferences starting soon.

Our TV Channel has a streaming service that allows a viewer to switch from recorded content to live content simply by selecting Live Stream on the Menu.

Our Live Stream includes:

1. Conferences

Therefore, Our Conferences in the future will be available at our Conference room plus accessible from our TV Channel Live Stream.

2. Saint of the Day

In addition to Conferences on our Live Stream will are now posting the Saint of the Day to the Live Stream. For Example on February 11 the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes the Live Stream will be showing Our Lady of Lourdes video plus any associated videos like Saint Bernadette.

3. Live interviews

We are starting to post live interviews with special guests on the Live Stream. Discussions about our Catholic Faith.

4. Live Music Concerts

We have some artists that want to do a live concert here at Holy Family Mission and we are scheduling them, hopefully have one this month.

4. Inspiring Accounts

We are creating a new video on demand category titled: Inspiring Accounts.  These are short videos from 4 to 10 minutes on some powerful Accounts plus prayers and meditations. 

 Note: All the live stream events will be also available on demand for subscribers at the Video on Demand Categories.

Here is what you need to do to get ready for the next live stream event:
First let me tell you about our TV Channel and how it works to bring the Conferences to you:

Any device – including iPhone, Android, smart TV, computer, tablet, Roku Channel, Amazon Fire TV will have unlimited access to our Conferences with a Subscription. With your username and password you will be able to access our Lives Streams, Conferences and videos from any device!

Android and Apple users may also access using our free Bob and Penny Lord App at the App Store

 Take advantage of our introductory bare minimum unlimited access Subscription offer for only $3.00 per month!
Unlimited Access Video on Demand and Conference Live Stream!
Note: This Subscription will give you complete access to our future conferences plus give you access to our complete list of videos.


****Bob and Penny Lord TV Conference and Video on Demand Subscription Only $3.00 month****  

First create your username and password.

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After you make the payment of $3.00 for first month, immediately you will receive an email with a link to create your password. 
Your username is created at the Subscribe page.
Login at
Enter username and password then click login
For Conferences Once you are logged in select Live Stream in the Menu.
For Video on Demand Once you are logged in select Video on Demand in the Menu.

As a subscriber you will be notified of the next conference. Also the new conferences will be available to view on Demand at any time in the future.

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