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We have added a new feature to our Youtube channel where you can Join our Membership Club with many benefits and one of them is access to our Streaming channel with over 500 ad free videos on demand! 1. Go to your Youtube channel   2. Search for Bob and Penny Lord Ministry or go directly to our Youtube channel Simply Click JOIN  located on all video pages


3. Simply Click JOIN  located on all video pages


For Desktop users - Click the Join button and Join our Members Club and get access to 500 plus Full Length ad free videos only available by Joining Youtube Members Club

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1. use Safari or Chrome and go to

2. Click the aA on the top left side and Request Desktop Version

3. Now your screen will be just like the desktop version with the JOIN button visible

4. Once you Join you will be able to access the videos from the youtube mobile app.


Of course you can watch
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Note Our Streaming Channel of over 500 videos is a perk for Paid Members at our Journeys of Faith Newsletter at substack.
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