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Saint Bernardine of Siena Audiobook - Bob and Penny Lord
Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Saint Bernardine of Siena Audio CD

Authors: Bob and Penny Lord

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Title: Saint Bernardine of Siena
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

Saint Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444)

“Apostle of Italy” - Friar Minor - Missionary - Reformer

Our love story with Saint Bernardine or San Bernardino, as we have known and loved him, began a long time ago - about the time we got to know Saint Catherine of Siena and the Miracle of the Eucharist of Siena. For, you see, right adjacent to the Basilica of Saint Francis is the Oratory of Saint Bernardine. Each time, we would go to visit the Miracle of the Eucharist of Siena, we would see the sign of the Oratory; but along with it, the dreaded sign - the Oratory was being restored! Finally, one day, the door was open! and so we went in and took pictures. You could see the restoration had not been completed, if even started. That was over twenty years ago. But God has patience with us, and here we are twenty-three books later writing about our dear St. Bernardine.

We have so many memories of this fabulous Saint. One time, when we went to visit our loves in Siena, the Eucharist and Saint Catherine of Siena, we just happened to land in the midst of a Festa celebrating the Feast Days of Saints Bernardine and Catherine, co-patrons of Siena. With all the pageantry of medieval Siena, the flags of their sixteen regions, twirling and blowing in the wind, young men, dressed as knights and pages, processed in the streets, carrying relics of Siena’s and our two beloved Saints. It was an awesome sight - Church in all its pomp and glory giving praise and honor to Our Lord and His Mother, through the memory of these two faithful Saints, who colored the lives, and continue to color the lives of all who learn about them!

We trace the Life of Saint Bernardine of Siena


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Companion book

Watch all of Journeys of Faithi videos on Demand Rent Buy or Subscribe!

Saint Bernardine of Siena Video from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.

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