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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah Book

Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah Book

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Title: Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Paperback
320 Pages

 We are in serious times, but not in impossible times. God is still in charge; He is always in charge; and we hold on to what His Mother Mary said in Pontmain, France, when she appeared in 1871, "But pray my children. God will soon answer your prayers. My Son allows Himself to be touched." Is not Our Lady saying, Our Lord is listening; He loves us and will keep us out of harm's way, if only we pray?
Saint Augustine tells us that the sin of Adam was Pride and Humanism, the desire to be independent of God and His Grace and dependent on no one but himself.
Unlike the Angels, who were given one chance--to choose Heaven or hell, their choice irreversible, man is given options; he can elect to either follow man's first father Adam or Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ; through one, the gates of Heaven were closed to man; and by the Sacrifice of the Other they were opened! Likewise, when we choose, are we not making a choice between God and the devil, between the pursuit of Heaven or hell?

Highlights from Beyond and Gomorrah Book:

I. Should We Apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah
II. God Cries out through the Prophets 
III. First God the Father
IV. Sign of the Angels
V. A Cry in the Desert
VI. Our Lady Saves us from Destruction
VII. What have you done with my Church?
VIII. World War II-Dress Rehearsal for Last Days?
IX. My Country Tears of Thee 
X. Requiem for the Age of Innocence
XI. The Great Battle Between Good and Evil 
XII. The Church and the World suffer Atrocities
XIII. The Windows Flew Open - the Spirit entered 
XIV. Pilgrim Pope - Prophet - Peacemaker
XV. From Culture of Life to Culture of Death
XVI. History of the World and the Church
XVII. Apostasy and the Antichrist 
XVIII. Y2K - Three Days of Darkness?
XIX. Who Can You Trust 
XX. Rage or Righteousness 
XXI. We can change the World 





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