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Saint Therese Lisieux Minibook - Bob and Penny Lord
Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Therese of Lisieux Minibook

Authors: Bob and Penny Lord

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Title: Saint Therese of Lisieux
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
40 Pages

Saint of the Little Way
The Little Flower
Doctor of the Church

SaintThérèse of Lisieux

“If God grants my desires, my Heaven will be spent on earth until the end of time. Yes, I will spend my Heaven doing good on earth.... I will return! I will come down!”

Saint Thérèse of Lisiuex is one of the most powerful Saints of the Twentieth Century. We have never prayed for the intercession of another Saint who lived so close to our time. She died in 1897 at the age of twenty four, and was canonized in 1925. When she died, she was virtually unknown, even in her own Community.

Within two years of her death, the power of her intercession began to be felt all over Europe. Prayers and novenas were made to her for favors, which were answered in abundance, usually preceded by the reception of a flower. She called herself the Little Flower of Jesus, a name which has remained with her until today. The swiftness of time in which devotion to this Saint grew, would be called in secular terms, a phenomena. We call it a Miracle.

On March 15, 1907, Pope St. Pius X, in a private conversation, called her “The greatest Saint of modern times”. This statement, made ten years after her death, from a man who would himself be raised to the Communion of Saints, is a great tribute to the little Carmelite that no one had known at the time of her death.

A year later in the Vatican, the Prefect of the Congregation of Rites, Cardinal Vico, stated, “We must lose no time in crowning the little Saint with glory, if we do not want the voice of the people to anticipate us.” He was about eight years too late.

"If God grants my desires, my Heaven will be spent on earth until the end of time.Yes , I will spend my Heaven doing good on earth... I will return! I will come down!"

Bob and Penny Lord trace the life of one of the most powerful Saints of the 20th Century.  
Therese is a most important role model for the youth of today. 

We need a Saint Therese for our children, to imitate, rather than the role models the world would give them. 

We describe her birthplace in Alencon to Buissonnets - her home in Lisieux, the Carmel

 where she lived as a Carmelite Nun, the great Basilica built in her honor.

She was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope John Paul II.  



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