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The Mexican Martyrs Audiobook

The Mexican Martyrs Audiobook

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The Mexican Martyrs
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audiobook mp3 download
3 Hours 7 Minutes

The Revolution in Mexico and its instigators did not reckon with the faithfulness and Holy Stubbornness of the many who refused to give homage to man. This ancient people, who survived pagan atrocities and Spanish betrayals, knew Who their King was and no one was going to depose Him. 

Priests were rounded up, and expelled from many of the states of Mexico. But not even threats of imprisonment and death could deter these representatives of Christ. They returned (disguised as laity) and returned, and returned until they were, yes, imprisoned and executed. Their only crime was, they celebrated Holy Mass. You see, services were no longer allowed in Church. The government even closed the Churches down, in an effort to keep people from silently praying within the holy walls.

Unable to celebrate in a Church, the faithful with their loyal Priests went underground. They would pick a house that would not arouse suspicion, and they would come together. There were as many as seventy at a time. They crowded in as many as they could. You may have heard the expression: "They were so close there was no room for the Holy Spirit", well the Lord had no problem here. He reigned! They may not have had spacious quarters for their Lord to be born again in the Holy Eucharist, but their grand hearts adored Him, just as His Mother, St. Joseph, the Angels, and the shepherds did that time, long ago, when the world changed in Bethlehem. 

Account of the Lives of the Mexican Martyrs. 2 hours 7 Minutes

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