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Bob and Penny Lord

Arianism in the Fourth Century Video download MP4

Arianism in the Fourth Century Video download MP4

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Title: Arianism in the fourth century
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith

Format: MP4 Video Download
30 minutes
Resolution: 1920 by 1080

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It is popularly believed Arius was born in Libya, in 270 A.D.  He is credited with having started one of the most deadly heretical sects to attack the Early Church that of Arianism.  It has continued assaulting the Church until today, under many titles. 

Our first encounter with Arius is somewhere between 300-311 A.D., when he joined up with a group of heretics called Meletians.  Evidently, he did not find what he was searching for; he left them. 

He then managed to get himself ordained a deacon of the Catholic Church by Peter of Alexandria who was Bishop at the time.  Evidently his loyalties were still with the Meletians, because when they were censured, he bitterly criticized the Church, and came out against her.  He was excommunicated by the same Bishop who had ordained him deacon, Bishop Peter of Alexandria!

Arius later regretted his outburst against the Church.  Mother Church not only forgave him and accepted him back into the Church, he even maneuvered himself into being accepted into the priesthood!  This was done by Bishop Peter's successor Bishop Achillas.  Then Bishop Achillas' successor, Bishop Alexander, thought so highly of Arius, he assigned him his own parish!

A killer kills; a heretic spouts heresy; a dissenter dissents.  Arius became involved with another heretic called Lucian.  Since God will ultimately reveal, we find Arius again in hot water.  He just could not resist spouting his new mentor's (Lucian) errors.  The dogma he was preaching not only brought him in conflict with his Bishop, the very one who had entrusted him with his own church, it created a tidal wave that threatened to sink the ship of the Church.

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