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Bob and Penny Lord

Holy Innocence Patron Saints of Youth DVDS Bundle

Holy Innocence Patron Saints of Youth DVDS Bundle

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Title: Holy Innocence Patron Saint of Youth DVDs

Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: DVD Universal Format 7 DVDs
3 hours 30 minutes

D147 Saint Maria Goretti Saint of Purity and of Youth, and of the 20th century - Role model for chastity in our world today

D154 Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Went into ecstasy. Trained to be a Knight, he chose the most physically and demeaning work.

D157 Saint Margaret of Castello Patron of the Unwanted. Unloved and abandoned by her family, till today, miracles upon miracles come about through her intercession.

D156 Saint Dominic Savio Patron of Youth and Chastity - Student of Saint John Bosco - His motto, "Death but not sin."

D164 Saint Gabriel Possenti Co-Patron of Italian Catholic Youth Like our youth today, struggling with temptations, he chose Jesus and Mary rather than the world.

D159 Saint Rose of Viterbo Incorrupt body - She went among the villagers of Viterbo, feeding their bodies and souls.

D160 Saint Philomena Saint of Chastity - Read the heroic story of a young Christian Martyr of the early Church.

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