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Bob and Penny Lord

Miracles of the Cross Audiobook

Miracles of the Cross Audiobook

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Title: Miracles of the Cross Audiobook
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audiobook MP3 download
9 hours 30 Minutes

Origin of the True Cross - from the Garden of Eden Moses and the Bronze Serpent -

History of the Cross The Cross, Past and Present, a Sign of Controversy

No Cross! No Pain! No Sacrifice!

Christ on the Cross absorbs the poison meant for a Bishop

The Living Cross of Limpias

The Miracle of the Cross at Guadalupe

Miracle of the Cross of Saint Brigid -

Battle of Lepanto

Constantine and his conversion through the Cross

Jesus gives Saint Teresa of Avila a Miraculous Crucifix

The Living Miracle of the Hill of Crosses - Lithuania

Saint Peregrine - healed by the Crucifix

The Cross through the eyes of Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Clare of Montefalco and the Crucified Lord

Saint Catherine of Siena - fortified by the Cross

Saint Gemma Galgani - Jesus on the Cross lifts Gemma

Saint Veronica Giuliani - literally hung on the Cross

Saint Joseph of Cupertino - levitated to the Cross

Saint Louis Marie de Montfort and the Bloodstained Cross

Saint Rita of Cascia - pierced by a thorn from the Crucified Lord

Saint Francis of Assisi - his Miracle of the Cross

The Miraculous Volto Santo of Lucca, Italy T

he Miracles of the Cross of Saint Padre Pio

Jesus speaks to Saint Thomas Aquinas from the Cross

Miracle of the Cross of the split mountain

and so much more - Over 30 Chapters

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