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Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady Of Pilar DVD

Our Lady Of Pilar DVD

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Title: Our Lady of Pilar
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: DVD Worldwide use Digital Video Disc
30 minutes

Marian Apparitions Collection 

This happened during the life of Our Lady

According to tradition Angels were sent to accompany and transport His Mother and their Queen to visit Saint James in Zaragoza, Spain where he was staying at the time.  Her mission was to tell Saint James that the Lord was pleased with the work he had been doing, evangelizing the people of Spain, but that now his Lord’s desire was that he return to Jerusalem to be martyred. 

The tradition of the Shrine, for almost 2000 years, has been that our Lady was carried on a cloud by Angels to Zaragoza.  The following events are chronicled to have taken place on the night of January the 2nd, 40 A.D.  While they were traveling, carrying their precious Passenger, the Angels were industriously carrying a pilar of marble and carving a miniature image of our Lady. 


Come to Zaragoza, Spain to a shrine built where the Angels transported Our Lady while she was still alive.

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