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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Alphonsus Ligouri Minibook

Saint Alphonsus Ligouri Minibook

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Title: Saint Alphonsus Ligouri
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
28 Pages

 Doctor of the Church 

Who is this Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, who has so many credits to his name? In order to answer that question, we must travel to Marianella, a village near Naples, in the troubled days of the 18th Century.

Saint Alphonsus Ligouri

As God made a promise, He would not leave us orphans, the Church was under attack! Send a future Defender of the Faith! Unrest was spreading throughout Europe and the American colonies; and it would not leave Italy free from its tentacles. We were in the Age of Enlightenment, where the philosophy was an egocentric, prideful belief in the power of human reason, rather than the universal, Catholic belief in and dependence on God. Great enemies of the Roman Catholic Church, and all forms of religion, those egotists, fostering this theory, placed the focus on knowledge derived through the study of nature, rather than of the One Who created nature. Promulgators or promoters of this ideology, writers of that period, like Voltaire, accused the Roman Catholic Church of having enslaved the human mind.

We go to Saint Agata dei Goti in Southern Italy, where he was bishop.

We tour the museum, and 2 of the 111 books he wrote, for which he is proclaimed as a Doctor of the Church.

We travel  on to Nocera Pagani, where he founded the Order of Redemptorists and returned after 13 years as bishop of Sant’ Agata and where he died.

We discuss the many paintings he made of Our Lady Visit his resting place in the church of the Redemptorists. We took all the information from the trip and created this beautiful minibook.

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