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Saint Anthony of Padua 8 by 10 Print New

Saint Anthony of Padua 8 by 10 Print New

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Saint Anthony of Padua 8 by 10 Image

If you desire to add your own frame for this 8 by 10 framed full color high resolution print
8 by 10 inch Digital Print on premium  glossy card stock

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Founder of Lost Articles
Hammer of Heretics
Miracle Worker
Doctor of the Church
Pope Benedict XVI "Take courage! 
Fix your gaze on our saints

Come and learn about our great Saint.  Saint Anthony of Padua had the gift of tongues.  He was a great homilist.  This is evidenced by his incorrupt tongue, which is in the Relic Room of his Basilica in Padua.  His larynx and voicebox are also incorrupt, further witness to his heavenly gift of preaching.

Saint Anthony of Padua fought Heresies and many Miracles were associated with him.  Eucharistic miracle of Rimini where the donkey knelt before the Eucharist.  

Make St. Anthony your Saint.  Ask him to help you find lost souls. 

If you would like to learn more about Saint Anthony of Padua's life, we have the following in separate listings:

** A 30- minute documentary DVD that was recorded at the site of her Shrine, hosted by Bob and Penny Lord

** A book titled Saints and Other Powerful Men in the Church, where a chapter is dedicated to Saint Anthony, Bob and Penny Lord are the authors.

** A pamphlet/minibook 

Please visit our other Ebay listings to find more books and DVD written by Bob and Penny Lord.

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God bless you. 

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