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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Catherine of Siena Minibook

Saint Catherine of Siena Minibook

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Title: Saint Catherine of Siena
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
52 Pages

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Saint Catherine of Siena Minibook

During his trip to America, Pope Benedict XVI, stated: 
"As the saints teach us so vividly,prayer becomes hope in action. Christ was their constant companion, with whom they conversed at every step of their journey for others."

"O Eternal God, accept the sacrifice of my life for the Mystical Body of Thy Holy Church."

Saint Catherine of Siena, what an impressive woman and Saint! As I start on our sister’s story, like with the other powerful women in the Church, I can feel tears coming to my eyes, tears of joy. Thank You, Lord for the privilege of passing on what we have learned through our travels to the Shrines, as well as through the historians before us, who have felt this lady and her life so essential a part of the Story of our Church. As we write on the lives of these women we experience the same feelings we have had when we have walked on the cobblestone roads they walked, and touched the walls of the rooms they touched. If these walls and stones could talk, they would sing of the Glory and Love of Jesus and His Mother, as They spoke to and guided these Saints in their journey of faith to the Kingdom. I’m so excited! Please stop a moment and pray with me that the words that flow on these pages be those of our Lord, the message He has for you today.

She traveled to Avignon, France where she convinced the Pope to return to Rome.  Saint Catherine of Siena was an illiterate who was taught to read by Jesus. 

She dictated her Dialogs, for which she was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church, one of only four women so honored.  

She is a bold Saint, one to know and follow.  Pray for her intercession.



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