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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Clare of Assisi 8 by 10 Image

Saint Clare of Assisi 8 by 10 Image

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Saint Clare of Assisi
8 by 10 digital Image high resolution 
printed on glossy paper

Sister Moon to Francis’ Brother Sun
Great Mystic - Role Model - Incorrupt

“Always be lovers of God and your souls and the souls of your Sisters, and always be eager to observe what you have promised to the Lord”

When a pilgrim approaches the great hill of Assisi from the valley of Santa Maria degli Angeli, he cannot help but notice the two largest, most imposing buildings in Assisi. At one end of town, on the Hill of Hell, later renamed the Hill of Paradise, looms the grand tribute to Francis, the Basilica of St. Francis. On the other end of town, somewhat smaller, so as not to outshine the Seraphic Father, rises the Basilica of St. Clare. It was originally called the Chapel of St. George. After Francis’ death, it became his resting place until the grand Basilica was built.

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