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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Saint Clare of Assisi Audio CD

Saint Clare of Assisi Audio CD

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Title: Saint Clare of Assisi
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

St. Clare of Assisi
Sister Moon to Francis’ Brother Sun

“Always be lovers of God and your souls and the souls of your
Sisters, and always be eager to observe what you have promised to
the Lord”

It would be very easy for anyone, even someone as well known and loved as our Pope John Paul II to be dwarfed by the aura and the presence of the little poverello, Saint Francis, to be totally overshadowed by the essence of Francis which continues to
cover Assisi. Unless, however, that anyone happened to be Clare, the fairest in the land, the noble lady who gave her whole life over to Jesus through the inspiration of His little messenger on earth, Francis. As Mother Mary is the moon, reflecting the Light of Jesus, so Clare is sister moon, reflecting the light of Francis.

When a pilgrim approaches the great hill of Assisi from the valley of Santa Maria degli Angeli, he cannot help but notice the two largest, most imposing buildings in Assisi. At one end of town, on the Hill of Hell, later renamed the Hill of Paradise, looms the grand tribute to Francis, the Basilica of Saint Francis. On the other end of town, somewhat smaller, so as not to outshine the Seraphic Father, rises the Basilica of Saint Clare. It was originally called the Chapel of Saint George. After Francis’ death, it became his resting place until the grand Basilica was built. Appropriately, it is now the resting place of St. Clare. It’s almost as if they’re looking at each other.  As in life, the love of Francis for Clare and Clare for Francis is permanently etched in the skyline of the city, through the buildings dedicated to each of them.


Saint Clare of Assisi Audio CD

Saint Clare of Assisi was the first female member of the Franciscan community.

She fought against the whole Franciscan community, including popes, to maintain the original Rule of St. Francis.

After his death, she spent the rest of her life caring for her ladies.

She would not even die before her rule for the Poor Clares was approved by the Pope.

Clare is a role model for all women in headship, not exclusively of the Church, but especially of the Church.

She may very well have been placed on this earth to be a prototype for Superiors of Religious Communities, male and female, for centuries to come.

Saint Clare could easily be the standard bearer for anyone who would lead a community of people, whether it be a Religious Community, as Superior, or a country, as President, Dictator, or King.

And her philosophy was not new, or complicated.

It was simple. "Love one another as I have loved you."


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