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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Clare of Montefalco Minibook

Saint Clare of Montefalco Minibook

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Title: Saint Clare of Montefalco
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
32 Pages

Saint Clare of Montefalco

“If you seek the Cross of Christ, take my heart; there you will find the Suffering Lord.”

The above statement was made by Saint Clare of Montefalco, Augustinian Nun, or as she is known in her native Italy, Santa Chiara de Montefalco. They were the parting words of a Mother to her Community of Nuns, and also a clue from Heaven, which would lead them to investigate the heart of the Saint after her death.

More importantly, these words were to be hope in, and understanding of, the crosses we are called to carry in our own lives. Jesus could bear the Cross because He knew and believed in the Love of the Father and His Promise of the Ressurection. Clare adored and carried the Cross of Jesus, confident that she could trust in Him and His Promise to her. I pray our beloved St. Clare will be for you what she has been for us, truth in a world that encourages lies, hope in a world that promotes hopelessness.

Jesus said to Clare, “Yes, Clare, here I have found a place for My Cross, at last, someone I could trust with My Cross,” and He thrust it in her heart.

There is a Saint somewhere for each of us. My mother, God rest her soul, would always say, “Every Saint has his or her own followers.” It’s funny how God works. He never sleeps. We heard about Saints whose bodies never decomposed.1 One year, our family decided to trace these Saints all over Europe. What we discovered was God was using the fact that their bodies were incorrupt as bait to bring us to them.

We travel to the beautiful Umbrian mountains to Montefalco, Italy. Learn the life of Saint Clare of Montefalco, Founder of the order of The Holy Cross. We describe the Augustinian convent in Montefalco. Incorrupt body.

Discover the Crucified Christ, and the Crown of Thorns formed inside the muscle of her heart. She had a vision of Our Lord Jesus carrying His Cross, looking very weary. Picture provided.

He said to her, "I am looking for someone I can trust with My Cross. " She said, "You can trust me." He thrust His Cross into her heart. For the rest of her life, she suffered Agony and Ecstasy.

We go to the garden and describe the miraculous tree which still bears fruit today. We share the story of the Montefalco Rosaries made from these nuts.

These trees come from a stick, watered under obedience to Our Lord Jesus which is over 700 years old and still bears fruit. We describe inside the cloister where she lived and died. We share pictures of her community of Nuns, who joyfully still live the rule.




Saint Clare of Montefalco Video from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.

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