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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Dominic Savio Minibook

Saint Dominic Savio Minibook

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Title: Saint Dominic Savio
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
28 Pages

We trace the life of Saint Dominic Savio from his birthplace in Riva, Italy. Scenes from his home and the Church where he prayed on the steps.

He formed the Company of the Immaculate Conception at the Oratory of Saint John Bosco in Turin.

Learn how he stood up for purity against all odds. See Dominic's home town in Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Riva and Chieri plus Colle Don Bosco, where he met Don Bosco.

Saint Dominic Savio

The life of a Saint written by a Saint

Now, when we are living in a time when children are killing children, when children cannot pray in school, when children’s favorite toys and video games are of violence and horror, witchcraft and satanism, it is time for them to learn about a teen-ager who strove for and achieved Sainthood; it is time for Saint Dominic Savio. In the year 1950, one teenager-Maria Goretti, 1 age twelve was canonized and another-Dominic Savio, age fifteen was beatified. Then in 1954 Dominic Savio was canonized. Did the Lord in His wisdom raise up these two young people to Sainthood to combat the hedonistic philosophy that would pervade the world and the Church, beginning in the 60’s?

I have a need to ask why we in the Church were not told about these strong, holy role models? In a time when we parents were struck dumb and completely helpless, watching our young drop before our eyes, from drug overdoses, why did we not know about these Saints? Why were our children not being taught in Catholic schools and C.C.D. programs about Saints such as these? Why were these Saints withheld from us, Saints we could hold up to our young, as a contrast to the drug-infested culture of death 2 that was being fostered through catchy music? Well, we are taking full responsibility for our young, our right and obligation, as we read in Vatican Council II’s Document on Christian Education. 3 The title of this book is entitled Holy Innocence, The Young and the Saintly; it could very well be entitled Heroes and Heroines because that is what we are about, bringing you Heroes and Heroines for today, to combat the sick role models being forced on us by the secular world. Man has always needed role models to emulate. Because our young have not grown up learning about the Saints, they have sought and found heroes in the mire of this world’s decadence. This Saint is to let our young know that they are precious and born to become Saints. 

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