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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Frances Cabrini Minibook

Saint Frances Cabrini Minibook

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Title: Saint Frances Cabrini
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
40 Pages

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Saint of the Immigrants
First Canonized American Saint

“We were sent here by the Holy Father...we cannot go back!” There is a time and a season...

Times were hard, and the land cruel and unyielding, so when the people of Italy heard of the promised land, the New World, they packed what little they had, left their beloved mountains and roots, and left to begin their dream for a better life. Not even the hot, sweltering holds of the poor steamers they traveled on, could dampen their hopes and expectations. As they spotted the Statue of Liberty, all their sacrifices - the lack of sanitation aboard ship, the weeks of family and friends sick from the pitching and heaving caused by the turbulent waves rocking the ship, little food and less water, no air, no light, endless days and nights, all faded. Before them, behind the beautiful lady was the magnificent skyline of their new home, New York City. Not even being herded like so much cattle onto Riker’s Island discouraged them. They had hope!

But they were to discover this land of the free was not free for everyone; everyone was equal but some were more equal; unlike their Irish brothers who had come a little before them, they did not know the language; therefore they did not understand Americans and Americans did not understand them.

The Life of Saint Frances Cabrini

"We were sent here by the Holy Father... we cannot go back!"

We trace her life from Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano in northern Italy to her first community in Codogno, to the first motherhouse in Rome; 
then in the United States where she labored among the Italian immigrants of the 19th Century. 

We discuss her Shrines in: Manhattan, NY;  Fort Tryon Park, NY;Westpark, NY; Cabrini College, Radnor, PA;  Cabrini Shrine, New Orleans, LA

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