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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Gemma Galgani Minibook

Saint Gemma Galgani Minibook

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Title: Saint Gemma Galgani
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
32 Pages

Saint Gemma Galgani

Mystic who bore the precious Wounds of Our Savior

The curtain is falling on the 19th Century. The Heresy of Modernism would soon show its venomous fangs and the Church, through her holy Pope Saint Pius X, would fight it, dispelling it for all time, or so he hoped. We, know now at the tail end of the 20th Century that this did not come to pass. We are, once again, suffering the same Heresy combined with centuries of other condemned heresies, all in one deadly poisonous attack disguised under the name of enlightenment.

The Lord was wounded by His sons, those He had commissioned to be guardians of the Faith. He needed a victimsoul. His priests and bishops, who were supposed to be victimpriests with Him, had once again betrayed Him, and He needed a soul who would be faithful and obedient until death, one who would share His Wounds and Passion. And so, a Gemma  was born!

The Lord sends down a Gem from Heaven

Join Bob and Penny Lord in Lucca, Italy, as they go to the birthplace of this 20th century Saint of the Laity, the Galgani House where she received the Stigmata, and the Giannini house,  where she experienced Ecstasies, was Mystically Married to Jesus, experienced the Flagellation, shared in the Passion of Christ, levitated into the arms of Jesus on the Cross and battled demons.

We discuss with Mother Vittoria, a Passionist nun, who shares special insights into the life of the Saint.

We visit the Passionist Church, where she is buried and discuss it.


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