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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Gerard Majella Minibook

Saint Gerard Majella Minibook

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Title: Saint Gerard Majella
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
24 Pages

Saint Gerard Majella the Hankerchief Saint
Considered one of the greatest patrons and intercessors for healthy births. 

One of God’s great gifts to the Church We live in an area of Arkansas which is strongly Catholic. It’s a small pocket of Catholicism in a predominantly Protestant state. But the Catholics here have a great devotion to St. Gerard Majella. Brother Joseph’s mom, Marie, prayed to St. Gerard before the birth of all ten children. One of her children is named Geralyn, after St. Gerard. We have another strong Catholic family in town who is very devoted to our Holy Family Mission. Their son’s construction company built the replica of the Holy House, and the Conference Center. His name is Gerry, after St. Gerard. And it goes on, all over Conway County in Arkansas. And Arkansas is a really small state. But in speaking to people from other states in the Union, the situation is the same. In small pockets, usually rural areas all over our country, St. Gerard Majella is a strong intercessor.


Miracles of Saint Gerard Majella

The Miracle of the lost key

As God always allows the sweet along with the bitter, one of Gerard’s miracles came to pass during his sojourn with the Bishop. One day Gerard accidentally dropped a key to the Bishop’s house into the well. Because the Child Jesus had been a Friend and Benefactor from the time Gerard was a boy, with the simplicity and innocence of a Saint, Gerard lowered a statue of the Child Jesus in the well. Before the onlookers could begin to make fun of him, to their utter astonishment, Gerard raised the statue of the Child Jesus, only now with the key in its hand.



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