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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Saint John of the Cross Audio CD

Saint John of the Cross Audio CD

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Title: Saint John of the Cross
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

 St. John of the Cross
Saint, Spaniard and Poet

Saint John of the Cross is best known for his poem, The Dark Night of the Soul. Not a poem of tragedy and storms, St. John and all his poems spoke of love and joy, that happiness that only the Father can provide! The Dark Night of the Soul tells of lover encountering Lover, only to become one in heavenly communion. Like with Saint Teresa, his only true desire was to achieve that complete union when he and the Lord would be one.

As we turn the pages of Saint John of the Cross’ story, you will discover a powerful woman in this powerful man’s life. Like with Saint Francis of Assisi, whose Sister Moon was Saint Clare, the story of Saint John cannot be told without Saint Teresa of Avila. God was to use her to change the course of his life. He loved her with a powerful celibate love, the gift we will all bring to the Father as we face Him on our last day. Almost thirty years older than he, at times she led him; at other times, she leaned on him. Born into a strong macho society, he was free to recognize, love and follow this controversial woman who, with him, would unseat and ruffle the feathers of the Church and world of sixteenth century Spain. Working through the Church, always loving and obeying Her, even when they did not always agree with Her leaders, Saints John and Teresa brought about Reform.

Saint John of the Cross joined with Saint Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelite Order. 

Hear about his life, as he brings about reform of the Discalced Male Carmelites in Avila, Salamanca, Alba de Tormes and Segovia where he is buried..

Canonized in 1726, 200 years later, he was declared a Doctor of the Universal Church.



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