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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Joseph of Cupertino Minibook

Saint Joseph of Cupertino Minibook

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Title: Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
28 Pages

Saint  Joseph of Cupertino

The Flying Saint and Patron Saint of Students and Aviators

Save My Church Which is in ruin

The Church in the 16th century received a devastating blow, unlike any attack the enemy could level. Oh, he had been working hard at destroying the Church, what with all the heresies 1 which kept cropping up. But Mother Church, perfect mother that she is, always set her children straight through her sons, the princes of the Church on earth - the Popes, down through the centuries, writing Bulls, convening Councils, condemning and dispelling these errors, once and for all, only to have them resurface, again, with a different face but the same disobedient heart (sadly, often using our priests, the Church’s own ambassadors of Christ as instruments). Not even the devil’s fondest dream of fracturing the Church through the Schism in the East in the Eleventh Century could deal the death blow.

Through the betrayal of King Henry VIII, the attack on the Church, which had failed under Martin Luther, began to spread throughout Europe. Would Hell prevail against His Church? No! Jesus had made a promise and He would keep it to the end of the world; He would return and head the Church Himself. Whenever our Church has been in danger, the Lord has raised up powerful men and women. In the 16th century, he raised Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of Cross (to mention a few), to save His Church.

And now, in the 17th century the battle not yet won, Our Lord chooses another precious soul from a humble family and a littleknown village, Joseph of Cupertino.

To us, a Saint is born Our story takes us to Cupertino, a tiny farming village near Lecce, at the heel of the boot of Italy.

Join Bob and Penny Lord as they track the life of St. Joseph of Cupertino, the Flying Saint, and Patron of Students.

Go with them to:
Osimo, Italy, where the Saint spent his last seven years, where he is buried, and where his shrine is located. Visit Assisi, where he spent much of his apostolate,

Rome, where he had a special Audience with the Pope, and

Loreto, where he flew to venerate Our Lady in the Holy House of Nazareth. See his chapel, his vestments, and learn about the wisdom and spirituality of Saint Joseph.



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