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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Margaret of Cortona Minibook

Saint Margaret of Cortona Minibook

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Title: Saint Margaret of Cortona
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
16 Pages

Saint Margaret of Cortona
Magdalen of the Thirteenth Century

As we begin our story of Saint Margaret, we need to add another name that has been used to paint a portrait of this gentle, yet powerful Saint: “Magdalen of the Seraphic Order.” A book could be written around that one title. But then let Jesus speak to you, as He spoke to Margaret:

“Thou art the third light granted to the order of My beloved St. Francis. He was the first, among the Friars Minor; Clare was the second, among the nuns; thou shalt be the third, in the Order of Penance.” 1

Magdalen of the Seraphic Order! When we begin to throw stones whether it be literally, as in Holy Scripture, or figuratively through rejection and condemnation, spreading scandal, slandering one’s reputation, we must by God’s Justice pause and reflect on the Mary Magdalen of Jesus’ time and the special privilege God afforded her to allow her to be beside his Mother, prostrate at His Feet, as He gave His last ounce of Blood for the Redemption of the World. If you will also recall, it was to this repentant sinner that He first showed Himself after the Resurrection.

She was very compassionate toward the Poor Souls in Purgatory, offering all her mortification and suffering, for their release. When she was dying, she saw an Army of Souls that had been delivered from Purgatory forming an honor guard, a royal escort to Heaven.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus once complained, misunderstanding Jesus’ love for sinners, “I do not want to be a sinner to have your Love.” To which, Jesus replied, “With Mary Magdalen, I picked her up and brushed her off when she tripped on the stones and fell; with you, I went before you and took away the stones before you could fall.” With some of us, the Lord is with us, calling us to be all that He planned we be at the moment of our conception, and although we fall, as in the case of Saint Margaret of Cortona, He is lovingly standing by patiently wanting to forgive us and call us to holiness. We love The Little Flower and she touches many; but we also know that there are those who feel that God will never forgive them and they need a Saint like Margaret of Cortona. This life that we want to briefly share with you is one of a beloved repentant, another Magdalen whom Jesus loved.

Saint Margaret of Cortona is one whom the Lord held in great favor, as He did David, another sinner who also repented and God chose to be an ancestor of Our Lord Himself. We would be remiss if we told you only of Saint Margaret of Cortona’s love for the Poor Souls in Purgatory. There is so much more that we believe the Lord wants to teach you through this great Saint. In a time when people are committing murders and abusing God’s children because of their claims of having been abused as a child, we feel with all our hearts that God wants you to learn about a sinner who became a Saint; rejected by man she was specially chosen for His own by her Lord.

Saint Margaret of Cortona from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.



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