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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Padre Pio Minibook

Saint Padre Pio Minibook

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Title: Saint Padre Pio
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
48 Pages

Saint Padre Pio

First Priest with Stigmata 
Fragrance of Heaven 

“I will do much more after my death.”

God is so good! He knows our needs before we do. Who realized at the turn of the century how the beliefs and traditions of our faith would be under so much attack for the next ninety years. Who suspected that we would need so desperately, a role model, someone we could point to, and tell the world, “Ecce Homo, behold the man! He affirms our faith. The Eucharist and the Word, Our Lady, the Angels, our heritage in our brothers and sisters, the Saints, are truly rich gifts from Our Lord Jesus.” We are strengthened by the powerful men and women the Lord sends to help us in times of crisis, when we judge that everything, we have ever held dear in our Church, is falling apart around us. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina is one of those men.

There are literally thousands of stories of Padre Pio, with regard to the many spiritual gifts he received. Many of these have been documented, while others have been woven out of a sincere love people have had for him. We will share some of the documented miraculous occurrences with you, and there are many, because they form a part of who this man was and is.

We once said that when Mother Church chooses to raise him to the Communion of Saints, the qualities of sanctity in Padre Pio would not be solely that he bore the stigmata for 50 years of his life, that he had the gift of bi-location, the fragrance of Heaven, or the many miracles attributed to him during his lifetime. The proclamation of his sainthood would come from the extraordinary spirituality he showed during his ministry, his enormous love for Our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, his devotion to Mary and the Rosary.

During his trip to America, Pope Benedict XVI, stated: 
"As the saints teach us so vividly, prayer becomes hope in action. 
Christ was their constant companion, with whom they conversed 
at every step of their journey for others."

One of our most popular minibooks. His life story.
We travel toSan Giovanni Rotondo, where Saint Padre Pio spent 50 years.

We discuss the Crucifix and choir loft where he received the stigmata; 
we describe his cell where he died; and his tomb.

Interview with Father Joseph Pio who was with him when he died.

We share some of Saint Padre Pio's Miracles of the Cross and other Miracles.


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