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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Saint Rita of Cascia Audio CD

Saint Rita of Cascia Audio CD

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Title: Saint Rita of Cascia
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

Saint Rita of Cascia
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow, Nun, Saint,
Woman of Faithfulness and Forgiveness
Saint of the Impossible

Saint Rita of Cascia is one of the most powerful women in the Church we will write about. She is a role model for women of our generation. There is nothing that any woman has experienced that Rita has not known. She was an obedient daughter, a faithful wife, a battered wife, wife of an alcoholic and woman-chaser, a widow, a single parent who lost her children when they were young. She was a Nun who was unwanted by her Community. She was given the gift of the Stigmata, a thorn in her head. Her body is incorrupt, never having decomposed after 600 years. She is considered the Saint of the Impossible.

We never knew very much about Saint Rita, but as we discovered, one by one, the multitude of Saints in Italy, her name kept coming up over and over again. Every time we went to Assisi, land of Saint Francis, which was at least once or twice a year, we always felt drawn to the village of Saint Rita, Cascia. Although it was only 40 miles away, it was all mountain road. Each time we inquired about going to Cascia, the villagers of Assisi would laugh a little nervously, make motions with their hands and say, “corvo, corvo”, which means “curvy”. That was enough to make us stay that day in Assisi, and leave Cascia for another time. Whenever we determined we were going, the sign on the highway, pictorially describing the curvy, winding mountainous road to Cascia, would further dissuade us and we would firmly, if not weakly, promise “We’ll do it next year.”

Relive with us the story of this great Saint of the Impossible Saint Rita of Cascia

Bob and Penny discuss her birthplace in Roccaporena, and Cascia where she lived. 

And her incorrupt body.

They tell about the miraculous bees that were part of her life.

Discussion about Cascia where she lived and witness her life in the Cloister.

Account of her miraculous entry into the community and the Cross from which she received the Stigmata, a thorn in her head. 

She was the only daughter of a mother and father who feared for her well-being.

They married her to a young man who was completely opposite from her. He lived a life of sin, drinking and carousing with other women.

She prayed for him, until he finally repented. He was killed by his ex-comrades. His children vowed vengeance on them. Saint Rita prayed that before they committed this act of murder against those who had killed her husband, the Lord would take them.

She stayed by the bedside of both boys as they died. Then, after much struggle, she entered the convent at an advanced age.

Saint Rita of Cascia is the Saint of the Impossible. Pray for her intercession.


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