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Bob and Penny Lord

Saint Veronica Giuliani Minibook

Saint Veronica Giuliani Minibook

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Title: Saint Veronica Giuliani
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Printed minibook
32 Pages

Saint Veronica Giuliani

Visionary, Mystic and Stigmatist, Mystically married to Jesus

Pope Pius IX said, after reading Veronica Giuliani’s Diary that she was not merely a Saint, but a great Saint! A bishop, in 1927, two hundred Saint Veronica Giuliani years after her life, wrote that Saint Veronica Giuliani was a Saint for all time: a Penitent like St. Rose of Lima 1 who suffered for the redemption of sinners, a Mystic like St. Margaret Mary Alacoque 2 to whom God revealed His Love and Passion, a Visionary like St. Teresa of Avila 3 passing on the infused knowledge she received from the Lord in her Diary, 4 a Stigmatist who like St. Francis, 5 (her father in faith), bore the Wounds of Christ’s Passion on her body; she was Mystically married to Jesus as was St. Catherine of Siena, 6 a Saint who stands shoulder to shoulder with all the greats before and after her who have molded this Glorious Church which Jesus founded.

Ursula Giuliani (who will later become Sister Veronica) was born on December 27, 1660, in Mercatello, a small village in the Province of the Marches in Italy. Her father was a well-respected member of society. Her mother was a deeply religious woman. She would die before she reached her 40th birthday, leaving Ursula and her four surviving siblings (two having died) to their father’s care. But before she died, her mother would consecrate each of her five children to the precious Five Wounds of Our Lord Jesus. To the Wound in Our Lord’s Side, she entrusted Ursula, who was all of seven years old. Without her understanding the full implication of her mother’s bequest, nevertheless this was the beginning of Ursula's betrothal to Jesus’ Heart, the very Heart Which bled on the Cross.

Saint Veronica Giuliani walks with Jesus from the very beginning of her life

We travel to Cittá di Castello, Italy and discover this extraordinary Saint for our times.

We describe the monastery where she spent her life as a religious.

We describe the cell where she lived and the bed she slept on, 
the pillow-case which still shows the blood-stains from her Stigmata, 
the tree to which she levitated,
 the Cross upon which she hung, 
and the Cross she carried.

We describe how the Devil attacked and tormented her.

We discuss the 20 volumes of her diary, written in her own hand, which may one day raise her to the title of Doctor of the Church. 

Truly a Role model of a Saint.


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