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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Saints Augustine and Monica Audio CD

Saints Augustine and Monica Audio CD

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 Title: Saints Augustine and Monica
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

Saint Augustine, Saint, Sinner & Son

“Our heart is restless until it rests in You.”

When we speak of Saints, not meaning to be disrespectful, we sometimes say, they were sinners who became Saints. If there is one, the world knows most for that distinction, it would have to be Saint Augustine. But he is so much more.

We talk of touchability and we think of this Saint. If we’re not careful, we ignore his strength, and become comfortable in his weakness. We speak of conversion, and he comes right to the forefront of our minds. It’s so reassuring; Saint Augustine had 30 years to reform his life. We like that idea; convert me, Lord, but can You wait ‘till tomorrow!

But as we travel deeper into his life, we discover not only the son Augustine, we encounter the Saint of Prayer, that relentless petitioner, his mother Monica. He led her to her sanctification, as she led him to his. This is a story of a priest and his mother. It’s a story of love, powerful, unconditional, untiring love. It’s not too popular a story, in our present age, because: number one, it’s true; number two, it’s about hope; number three it’s about faithfulness; number four, it’s about conversion; number five, it’s about love and a mother’s love, at that. This all adds up to that very unpopular

Learn bout these great Saints Augustine and Monica his mother. Sinner turned Saint. The power of a mother's prayer.

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