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The Life of Saint Benedict Audio CD

The Life of Saint Benedict Audio CD

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 Title: Saint Benedict
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

Saint Benedict (480-547)
Father of Western Monasticism, Mystic, Prophet,
Founder of the Benedictine Order

We are in the Fifth Century and God will, once again, raise up a Saint! Promising us, Hell would not prevail against His Church, God will bring to the front lines another great Soldier of Christ to aid Mother Church. We find ourselves in Italy, high in the mountains, on the way to Spoleto and Cascia, home of Saint Rita - Saint of the Impossible. How very many times, we have passed the sign to Norcia and said, One day, we will write, and make a television program, about Saint Benedict. Years later, here we are, enthralled by this Saint, about whom we knew virtually nothing except the devotion of those who wear his cross (or medal) around their necks. Saint Benedict has been calling out to us for years, not only pulling at our hearts to stop in Norcia, but as well every time we would see signs pointing to Monte Cassino on the way to the south of Italy.

The Fifth Century brings us not one but two future Saints.
It is 480 A.D. and a little voice cries out, Here I am world! But no sooner heard, than another tiny cry fills the air. Not one, but two babies will be born to the parents of the future Saints Benedict and his twin sister Scholastica. Now, Norcia is not easy to get to, as we well know. We often wonder why God chooses the most remote places in the world for apparitions by Mother Mary, by the Archangel Michael, for Miracles of the Eucharist and the birth of great Saints. Could it be, because we are too busy to hear or see God working in our midst? I don’t know. What do you think?
Born of the nobility, Saint Benedict would have every advantage enabling him to receive the best education and preparation for life. It is believed that when he was no more than in his teens, his parents sent Saint Benedict and his nurse to Rome, to pursue a higher education, more than likely majoring in law. As they had been blessed to be born of the nobility, it was the custom of people of their station to send their sons to acquire an education preparing them for a career as public magistrates or judges, in this way fulfilling their God-given obligations to serve.

We share about Subiaco and Montecassino Italy and Subiaco, Arkansas

We tell you about the Convent of Saint Scholastica, sister of Saint Benedict.

Learn about Monte Cassino, the famous Abbey founded by Saint Benedict.

Saint Benedict Video from Bob and Penny Lord on Vimeo.

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