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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

The Life of Saint Brother Andre Bessette Audio CD

The Life of Saint Brother Andre Bessette Audio CD

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 Title: Saint Brother Andre Bessette
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: Audio CD Disc

Saint Brother André
Miracle Worker of Montreal
Healer, Religious, Doorkeeper, Dreamer of Dreams

As with many Saints that we have written about, when Blessed André died on January 6, 1937, the Faithful had already proclaimed him a Saint. In the case of Blessed André of Mont Royal, or Montreal, Canada, not only the citizens of that city, but indeed all of French Canada considered him a Saint during his lifetime. There was an expression which circulated French Canada during the early 1900’s when something could not be done, “Hey, I’m not Brother André. I can’t get it done.” One of the resource books we’re using for this life of Blessed André is “Brother André, Miracle Worker of Mont Royal.” This title just about expresses what Brother André was and did. The Lord worked powerfully through him and all was done through the intercession of, and to give honor to St. Joseph. The monument to Saint Joseph, high on a hill overlooking all of Montreal, is a tribute from Brother André to Saint Joseph; but we believe it’s also a tribute from St. Joseph and our Heavenly family as well as the people of Montreal to their own Brother André.

No one wanted the humble doorkeeper forgotten, nor did they wish his memory to be romanticized or altered in any way. Therefore, for the eight years following his death, forty-nine of the most reliable witnesses were individually questioned regarding events surrounding Blessed André’s life. Everything was carefully taken down in short-hand, so that the investigators could later read their answers and make sure their testimony had been accurately recorded. Having agreed that it had, they then signed documents, swearing under oath that all they had testified was true.

We share about our travels to Mount Royal in Montreal, Québec to Saint Joseph’s Oratory and discover how a humble little doorkeeper, named Brother André is the reason it is there.

Brother André is known as the Miracle Worker of Montreal, all through the intercession of Saint Joseph.

We discuss the healing and the crutches left by the healed pilgrims from all over the world.

We discuss life of Saint Joseph and Brother André depicted in the Oratory of Saint Joseph in Montreal.

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