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Bob and Penny Lord Ministry

Treasures of the Church ebook PDF

Treasures of the Church ebook PDF

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Title: Treasures of the Church
Authors: Bob and Penny Lord
Publisher: Journeys of Faith
Format: ebook PDF download
208 Pages

A perfect Reference book

How do you answer when someone asks you:

  • Where does the Bible talk about Purgatory?

  • Where does the Bible say we have to go to Confession?

  • Where does the Bible say we should have a Pope?

  • When a Protestant says Catholics don't teach according to the Bible?

  • When you hear from the pulpit something you know in your heart is wrong?

  • Why do Catholics worship Mary?

This book answers all those questions and more

A perfect book for CCD teachers, especially in Confirmation Class

Simple, easy to read explanation of all the Councils in the Church

What we believe, and where it came from
Know the Truth! Know your Faith, so you can defend it!
This is your Church! This is your Catholic Faith
Learn it; Love it; or Lose it!

Chapters on all the teachings of our Faith
Holy Trinity - Central Mystery of our Faith
The Son of the Living God
Mother of God - Mary Most holy
The Holy Spirit and the Councils
Faith without good works
Salvation through the Cross
Thou art Peter...
Seven Sacraments
Sacred Traditions

"The gates of hell will not prevail against our Church"

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